Cryptocurrency Miner Co-Locate - Rental Space Basic Plan

Cryptocurrency Miner Co-Locate - Rental Space Basic Plan

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Don't leave your mining rig cluttering your house, with wires all over the place. Mining rigs are awesome to own and make money with however are horrible for the heat and noise! 

Don't leave yourself and family member sweltering in the heat and noise because of your mining rigs, Consider a rental space with TechAlley Computers! 

We will house your Mining System for you, Cover the cost of the Hydro, and ensure it has the best possible up time for your highest Return on investment! Remember heat is the #1 killer for all electronics, Miners run big industrial fans and crank their video cards fans to 80% in order to keep them cool! not only is this noisy but it wears out the bearing on the video cards pre-maturely causing you to RMA your cards early! , this creates downtime and lost revenue! , We are fully equipt to handle both ASIC Miners and GPU Miners on either 110V or 220V setBackups_UPS!


  • TechAlley will Provide a custom Shelving for your Mining Rig
  • TechAlley will cover the cost of the Hydro Used by Mining Rig
  • Heavily Air Conditioned room, monitored 24/7, Climate controlled 14 Celsius
  • Secured entry to server room 
  • Dual redundant Fiber Lines for 98%/yr. Internet up time
  • 20 Kilowatt Redundant Generator for server room 
  • Dedicated Static External (Public) IP Addresses For Remote Mangment
  • Month to Month Term
  • Excellent for ASIC & GPU Miners up to 1100w Power Draw


Prices Vary depending on power requirements of Mining rig! Starting from $150/m. Please see our Standard Plan for Rigs over 1000W!

Not sure how much power your system draws?

call 519-660-6160 and ask for chris or email to get a quote!


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