Replacement Android TV Box Power Adapters

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Android TV Box Replacement Power Adapter

Standard 10W:

Tip Size: 5.5mm x 2.5mmm

Input = 100-240V
Output =5V / 2A

Most common, works with most models on the market. 

Compatible with MXII, MXIII, MXQ, MXQ Pro, MXQ 4k, M8, M8S, T95, X92, X96, and many other models.

MyGica 10W

Tip Size: much smaller than standard

Input = 100-240V
Output = 5V / 2A

Compatible with the following Models: MyGica ATV 1900 PRO; MyGica ATV 495 PRO; MyGica ATV 1900ac; MyGica ATV 495 Standard; MyGica ATV 1800e; MyGica ATV 582; MyGica ATV 585; MyGica ATV 586; MyGica ATV 600; MyGica ATV 400; MyGica ATV 520e: MyGica ATV 380

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