GGMM C700 Full Metal Earphones

  • 2499

  • Outstanding metalic earbuds: CNC full aluminum metal, glazed & matt decoration, sealed housing to produce acoustic clear crystal melody.
  • Dynamic experience: Two powerful 9.2mm drivers deliver clean, natural and well-balanced sound; piercing highs, clean mids and powerful bass.
  • Integrated features: Provides easy control for best playback experience. Play, pause, phone-answer, phone-reject etc. with one simple click; next, prev by twice & triple.
  • Parts & details: 3.5mm gold plated jack on the end for reliable connectivity. Soft silicon ear tips provided, to wear comfort and noise-isolating.
  • High durability: Hollow TPE cord with durable oxygen-free copper wires assembled all by hand,anti-pulling force, last through 10,000 swinging and 10,000 twisting tests. Default 1 year warranty. Register in GGMM website to enjoy extended 1 year use.

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