Scosche reVOLT H2 2-Port 20W USB Wall Charger

  • 2499

The Scosche USBH202 reVOLT h2 Dual USB Wall Charger gives users the ability to recharge the batteries of two tablets or other hand-held devices simultaneously. It can charge iPads and other 10W-compatible devices. The wall prongs used to plug in the Scosche USB charger fold flush with the unit, allowing for convenient portability and storage. The compact design of the charger allows continued access to other outlets, so you can continue to use them for plugging in other needed appliances. A light indicator lets you know that your device is charging properly. Scosche USBH202 reVOLT h2 Dual 10W USB Wall Charger: 
  • Dual 10W USB ports can charge 2 iPads at once
  • Uses existing USB cables for additional devices
  • Flush folding wall prongs for convenient portability
  • 10W iPad USB wall charger allows access to other outlets

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